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TB Davies

TB Davies Ladder Clamps

TB Davies Ladder Clamps

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Upgrade the way you transport your ladders with these TB Davies Ladder Clamps, expertly manufactured in the UK from zinc plated mild steel to ensure longevity. These clamps are designed to offer a more reliable and secure alternative to rope when securing your ladder to a car or van roof rack. Not only do they effectively secure your ladder during transport, but they also come with a built-in lock feature to deter theft. The installation is a breeze – no tools are required. Simply hook the clamp around the roof bar and thread the bearer bar down to rest on the ladder, then lock it in place with the padlock provided. Easy to attach and detach from the roof rack, these clamps are versatile enough to work with both ladders and step ladders on most roof rack systems. They provide an added layer of security and ease, especially for those who may not be confident using ropes to secure their ladders.


  • Effortlessly locks ladders to a car roof rack for safe transportation
  • Includes a supplied padlock for enhanced security against theft
  • Universally compatible with any roof or ladder rack system
  • Suitable for various types of ladders and roof rack systems
  • 1-year Warranty

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SKU Description Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
1400-005 TB Davies Ladder Clamps 435 470 25 2.5

Where applicable, Approx. Working Height is an approximate calculation of 1.75m (5’8″) plus platform height or last climbing tread, whichever is appropriate. Ladders set at an angle of ~75 degrees.
✝Heavy Item – 2-person lift required.

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