Pre-order the Brand New SureStep from Little Giant Ladders

Pre-order the Brand New SureStep from Little Giant Ladders

πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ Electricians, say hello to your new best friend! Pre-order the non-conductive SureStep from Little Giant at for peace of mind on any job. #ElectricianLife #GetStuffDone #LadderSafety #LittleGiantLadders

The Little Giant Ladder's SureStep is a new addition to its product lineup, and it's swiftly gaining popularity among electricians and other professionals who work at heights. This step stool stands out for its robustness, lightweight design, and safety promise, especially around electrical work, thanks to its non-conductive fibreglass construction.

The SureStep is celebrated for its quick setup, which eliminates the hassle of locks and bolts. It utilises nylon spreader straps that make moving the ladder from job to job effortless. The oversized, slip-resistant feet are notable for providing stability, regardless of whether the ladder is placed on solid ground or a grated surface. This practical feature aligns with the ladder's emphasis on safety and reliability.

Little Giant SureStep

Moreover, SureStep offers a split top step, creating a wide platform that enhances the user's stability when they are at the furthest point from the ground. This is complemented by the full-box rails and steps that are climbable from both sides and support a straddle position for versatile working directions.

Little Giant Ladder Systems has also made the SureStep ladder lightweight to transport, thus reducing the strain of carrying heavy equipment. This is a crucial feature for professionals who need to move quickly and efficiently through various tasks without fatigue.

The SureStep boasts 150kg work load capacity,Β and has a compact storage depth of 8 inches and a storage width at the base of 1' 6.5" make it an easy fit for tight storage spaces.

With SureStep, Little Giant Ladders is reinforcing its commitment to innovation in ladder design. It emphasises ease of use, safety, and the needs of professionals like electricians who require dependable tools in their daily work. The product carries a 1-year warranty and is available for purchase, though high demand has led to frequent sales.

For electricians and others looking for a new 'tool' for their toolbox, the SureStep seems like a ladder that could very well meet their needs for safety, convenience, and speed on the job.

Right now, you can pre-order your SureStep from Ladders Online. Stock will arrive towards the end of March and early April. However, we're already selling these fast, so if you want one, you need to be quick!

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